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Sensational! A real price breakthrough for Europe! Brand new, double floor race trailers for rent. is Europe’s Nr. 1 supplier of new race transporters with excellent value for money. Racing already is expensive enough, so why would we make it even more expensive?

  • Built in The Netherlands with COC
  • Use of mainly German parts
  • Height adjustable 2nd deck
  • 2 Tons Dhollandia lift
  • SAF axels, ABS and air suspension
  • Side access door included

Customer satisfaction

  • 9.7out of 10

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Our Model Range

Line up
will fit up to 5 or 6 cars
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Grand Prix office
will fit up to 4 cars
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Anniversary office
will fit up to 4 cars
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Movico Giant XL.

Discover the Giant XL… Movico developed this entirely new transformer in-house in just 9 months. This innovation, in transport just one 45ft container, transforms at lightning speed into a hospitality pavilion of 3 floors, 180 m2 net floor area and the volume of no less than six 45ft containers, not counting the viewing deck (roof terrace).

• Facility of (more than) 180 m2
• In transport one 45ft container
• Three floors
• Transforms in just 4 hours
• Roof terrace for 55 people
• Equipped with climate control

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What we don’t have:

  • Impressive office building
  • Large staff
  • Expensive advertising campaigns
  • Impressive photo-shoots and video clips
  • Resellers or dealers
  • Over-engineered race trailers
  • Custom build race trailers
  • Overpriced race trailers
  • Big profit margins
  • Expensive race trailers…

Racing is already expensive enough, why should we make it even more expensive?

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