Line-Up Cargo Edition

full solid 2nd deck for cargo, cars, bikes, karts
€ 118.000 + VAT

Full solid 2nd deck for cargo or load-up motorbikes or 5 or 6 cars or , 2nd floor is adjustable, incl. side door.
Made in The Netherlands only at racetrailer.com.

We are pleased to present our latest innovation on our current platform: the specially designed configuration in close cooperation with Porsche Motorsport AG, the “Cargo Edition race trailer”.

This racing trailer has been designed with an eye for detail and functionality. The second deck is fully closed yet adjustable, making it ideal for transporting pit-equipment, flightcases, motorbikes, karts and, of course, race cars. Moreover, additional vertical LED lighting is fitted for the best visibility even when it is dark.

The Cargo Edition is only available with the HighLine walls (seamless), which are already included in the listed price. These walls are of the highest quality and provide excellent protection for your valuable cargo during transport.

In short, the Cargo Edition race trailer is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a reliable and practical solution for transporting various goods. We hope you are as excited about this new addition to our range as we are. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or would like to receive more information about this innovative race trailer.

As standard equipped with:

  • Adjustable, flexible (3 parts) 2nd floor for cars, bikes or cargo
  • LED lighting in the loading area
  • Various fixing points for cars and materials
  • Stylish wheel covers


  • High Line walls (no seams, flat sides)
  • Solid 2nd adjustable deck
  • Side skirts along the full length
  • Side door with lock (right side)
  • LED lighting between all the beams

Solid deck, cargo, bikes or 5 to 6 cars

car lift

360° tour inside this trailer

  • Low Deck View (Office not possible in Line Up trailer)
  • 2nd Deck View

Look around! Click and hold mouse the button and move around. Use scrollwheel to zoom in and out.

Sizes are in line
with European norms:

  • 13.600mm long max permissible weight
    Dish height
  • trailer
  • Office
    total 13.600mm long
    storage area: 10.700mm3

Technical Specifications

  • Goose neck trailer
  • SAF axes (twin axes with double air)
  • Premium brand tires, 8 pcs
  • WABCO (EBS) brake system with ABS 2S/2M anti-tilt system
  • Air suspension
  • Dhollandia 2.000 kg car lift , 3.000 mm, with remote control
  • Security gate on life with extension deck of 1.100 mm
  • Color: RAL 9010
  • LED lighting
  • High-Line walls: 45 mm thick sandwich panels with seamless polyester skin plate. This version is available at additional cost.
  • Trend-Line walls: standard equipped and including in the price, 45 mm thick sandwich panels with the foamed skin plate 0,6 mm thick steel linked segments with a vertical seam.

Offering you help and advice

If you have any questions or comments, or if you would like to contact us for a quote, please call or send an email we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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